Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Scored Hershey's Christmas Tree Tutorial

Big thanks to Brenda Quintana of Qbee's Quest for making her Scored Hershey's Christmas Tree Tutorial blog post available for other bloggers, like me, to repost.  Here is the link for this wonderful tutorial:

Qbee's Quest: Scored Hershey's Christmas Tree Tutorial: I was working on a sample for my club workshops, when a flash of inspiration led me to design this tree. With a little tweaking and some...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Altered Altoid Tin

Happy Anniversary, Ink Stains by Roni Johnson!!!

I had the great honor of being part of Ranger's "one and only" Design Team and meeting fellow design team member, Roni.  What I remember the most about Roni was her enthusiasm for crafting and experiencing new things.  Over the years I have followed her blog and watched her do amazing things.  She has always stayed true to her love of getting inky and she continues to amaze me with her diversity, talent, and growth.When Roni asked me to participate in her blog hop to celebrate her blog's 5 year anniversary, I immediately said yes.  It's always fun to participate in a challenge with other crafters, especially when we all start with the same base element.  In this case, it's an Altoid tin.So, help me wish Roni and Ink Stains a Happy Anniversary and here's my take on the Altoid tin challenge:
Looking Forward to Winter

If you're interested in the supplies and instructions on how to make my tin, look no further.  Here they are . . .

Distress Inks Pads (Salty Ocean, Stormy Sky and Tumbled Glass), Archival Ink (Jet Black), Watermark Resist, Embossing Powder (Seafoam White), Adirondack Paint Dabbers (Pearl, Hazelnut and Gold), Glossy Accents, Liquid Pearls, Stickles (Icicle)and Pop Dots (Ranger); 

Flat Black Spray Paint (Rust-oleum); Fabric, Ribbon and White Felt (Joann Fabrics); Tinsel Twine (Tim Holtz idea-ology); 

White and Black Cardstock, Watercolor Pencils, Dowel Rods, Wire, Snowflake Paper, Tree Branches, Star Brad, Sequin Snowflakes, and Rhinestone (Unknown).

 1. Sand tin, wipe off dust, and spray paint with flat black.

 2. Drill two sets of holes to wire on dowel rod. 

 3. Paint dowel rod gold, let dry.  Sew a set of mini curtains and put on dowel rod.  Secure dowel rod to tin with wire.

 4. Make background paper using Distress Inks and the Wrinkle Free Distress method.  Stamp and emboss snow dots with white embossing powder.  Paint sequin snowflakes with Pearl paint dabber and glue onto paper with Glossy Accents.  Glue blue rhinestones to the center of each snowflake.

 5. Stamp girl with black ink on white cardstock, color, and cut out.  Attach to background paper with Pop Dots.  Attach to front of tin.

 6. Tie back curtains with ribbon to snow girl.

 7. Inside - Cut black cardstock to fit left side (and cover up wires) and snowflake paper to fit right side.  On the black cardstock, stamp and emboss sentiment.  Glue both papers into tin with Glossy Accents.

 8. Stamp Billy and Sparky two times on white cardstock and cut around both images.  For one image, cut out the center of the windows.  Color both.  Use Liquid Pearls for tree's ornaments.  Use the windows-cut-out image, apply Glossy Accents to bird and Icicle Stickles to snow.   Layer the two with Pop Dots and attach to inside left panel.

 9. Glue felt to bottom of right side of the tin.

10. Make your own tree to fit tin by cutting a dowel rod to size and painting it with Hazelnut.  Wrap pieces of tree branches at various sizes onto dowel rod.  Decorate with tinsel and brad and glue inside tin with Glossy Accents.

11.  Stamp, color and cut out dog.  Make a paper stand and attach it to back of dog and to the inside of the tin.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Felt Flower Pins

For sale, $7 each.  
For free, instructions.

Say what? "You are offering up free instructions on how to make the very item you are trying to sell?" 

Why, yes I am.  Here's why.  For those of us who are crafters, don't we often look at someone else's work and just know we can make it ourselves?  Sure, we do.  With that being said, don't we also appreciate it when another crafter creates something that we cannot and we gladly purchase it.  Sure, we do!  That is why I am listing my felt flowers for sale and giving you the instructions.

Granted, I didn't take the time to post step-by-step instructions with pictures, but we're crafters, we get it!  Right?!

All of my flower pins were made from leftover felt or fleece.  The flower pins pictured to the right, I used Sizzix/Tim Holtz Tattered Florals to cut out the felt -- two large 5-petal flowers and one small 6-petal flower.  I stitched the two large ones together with embroidery floss, layered the smaller felt flower on top, stitched it on and added a button to the center.

 The next two felt flower pins were made by using a Spellbinder's Die -- Blossom.  The fluffy flower is made with seven medium sized flowers.  This one is a little trickier to explain without pictures, but I'll try.  Two flowers are for the base and the other five make up the fluffy blooms.  For the blooms, take one flower pedal, fold in half, and with the fold at the bottom, start at one end and roll to the other end.  Hold onto the bloom and stitch the bottom together.  Once you complete the five blooms, stitch them onto one of the bases -- stitch four around the base and stick the last one into the center.  Once all the stitching is done, add the other backing pedal to cover up all the stitching.

The last one is super easy.  Cut two larger blooms and one smaller one.  Layer the three and stitch around the edges.  Stitch a button in the center. 

Now, if you'd rather buy one than make one, let me know.  They are $7 each.  If you're local, we'll touch base.  If you're not, I'll mail it for another $1.  Let me know!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Being Inspired

Different things inspire different people.  At different times in their lives.  I am inspired by other people's arts and crafts, books, inspirational quotations, and people. At least for today.

Several years ago I was inspired by an article written by Anne Bagby in one of the Stampington publications.  Her article encouraged those who wanted to learn how to draw to practice every day.  And I did.  For one summer. Then I put my sketch book aside.  Every now and then I pick it up to doodle or try my hand at drawing something with a face.  (I can doodle pretty good, but faces?  That's another story.)

Earlier this year, I borrowed a book from the library, Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists.  I spent some time practicing from their 52 exercises.  At the same time, I started to write some of the inspirational quotes I had found.  I find inspiration from  Positive Outlooks,  in our weekly church bulletin, and Pinterest.

I also find inspiration from people and sometimes people surprise me.  I have a friend and when I first met her, I didn't think we would be friends.  Her outward appearance was a "cosmopolitan" and some of the things she said made me gasp.  (Hopefully no one noticed.)  After some time, I came to realize she was a "beer."  An acquired taste.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I would take beer over a cosmopolitan any day. 

Through time, I have discovered her incredible love of her family, her witty personality, and her fierce loyalty to her friends.  She did a little something a while back and it inspired me to draw her.

She is Protecteur de la famille et les amis.  
Protector of family and friends.

This is my first drawing of a person (with a face, thank you) where I did not look at anything else for guidance.  And, it pulled together all my inspirations -- another person's art and encouragement, a book, an inspirational quote, and a friend.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Say What?

It's been since March that I last posted.  Pathetic! 

Let's see.  What have I done since March? Hmmmm.....I veered off the paper crafting and started my very first {EVER} quilt.  It's a t-shirt quilt made with all of the Harley Davidson t-shirts my son, Levi, has collected since he was an infant.  After 12 years, we had quite a collection. Is it done, you ask?  No.  Not quite.  The top layer is done, but I need to call in an expert to long-arm quilt the layers together.  That's where I got stuck.  I made a few phone calls, didn't get too far, and put it aside for the time being.  But, don't you worry, I'm going to get 'er done!  

By the way, that's my Grandma's sewing machine.  In the day, they made things that last!  It doesn't have any fancy features and that's perfectly okay by me.

See....there are some of my other projects.  There was paper mache', ATC's for a Pottery Barn rolodex, and upcycled tie-dyed t-shirts made into bracelets.  There's a snippet of my quilt and of course, there was a week of VBS crafts and with several weeks of preparation for them!

Let's fast-forward to yesterday.  Yesterday it was a rainy, yucky day and what do you know, I did another sewing project.  (What has happened to me?)  This was a quick and easy one and the best part is that I used supplies I had on hand.  No special run to Joann Fabrics, or Michaels, or A.C.Moore.  Or for that matter to all three in one day, ( I have a tendency to do that.)

Instead, this lovely little tote bag was made from a canvas bag I had in my stash, Steelers fabric from curtains I made for Levi's room (oh yes, a total re-do of my son's room was another project), left over fabric from a framed card box I made for Tiff's wedding, crochet trim from a class I taught last month, and gold felt from the quilt.  How about that?

Today, I think I'm going to make more of those felt flowers.  Aren't they adorable?  I did a Google search for Felt Flower Tutorials and found lots of great websites and blogs.  I think I'll make one my son's school colors and wear it to his cross country meet and the high schools' football game this week.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey Chick . . . it's almost Easter

 Didn't I just finish posting Valentine's Day cards?  :)  

It feels that way, but of course, it's been over a month ago.  Heck, we even celebrated St. Patrick's Day since the last time I posted.  By the way, did anyone else notice all the hoopla around St. Patty's Day this year?  Everywhere you looked there was a green savings, or a green food, or better yet, green Heinz ketchup.  I sincerely thought I lost a week of my life because I kept seeing and hearing about St. Patty's day and it was only March 10th.  

When it finally got here, I forgot all about it and yet I put on a green shirt that day, had broccoli (green) soup and salad (lots of green) for dinner.  Dessert was zucchini (more green) brownies (they didn't look green, but the green stuff was in there).  Crazy!

Well, now it's time to think about Easter.  This year, thanks to Inky Antics new line of stamps and HoneyPOP paper, I have pop-up cards to send.  

Does anyone remember getting the honeycomb paper pop-ups when they were a kid?  I do.  It makes card making so much fun!  Keep watching....I have more cards to share!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Necklace - Upcycled Scrabble Tile

When it comes to crafting, I find inspiration all around me.  So when Teri posted Nerdtastic Holiday Gift Guide, on Off-The-Deep-End,  I had an idea.  Sometimes those ideas stick in my head just waiting for free time to create them.  That time is now. 

Teri’s wish list included a set of Scrabble Tile Coasters and two pieces of jewelry.  My idea was a combination of these gifts . . . a personalized Scrabble Tile Necklace. 

This is so easy to make.  And inexpensive.  Trust me. 

For starters, we are going to upcycle a Scrabble Tile.  (I don’t often go to yard sale, but if I do I always look for Scrabble games.  Those little tiles are so much fun to use in craft projects.)  Next, glue a bail to the back of the tile using a strong adhesive like Super Glue.

Make a pretty little beaded charm to go with it.  I used a 3” head pin, two silver seed beads, and  two Swarovski bicone beads (a small crystal and a large blue).  You are going to do what is called a wrapped loop.  This is my favorite method of finishing off a beaded charm.  (The alternative would be a single loop.)  I found the perfect video tutorial and step-by-step instructions for you at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.   Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is a great place for beading instructions and to purchase beads.  Add a jump ring to your charm and it’s ready to be strung.
The last step is to put it all together.  You’re going to love this part.  The chain is ball chain and although you can buy it at your craft store or jewelry store, I bought mine at the hardware store.  It’s a lot less expensive and it’s the same thing.  The only thing to factor in is whether or not you like the size.  Typically the hardware store’s smallest size is bigger than what is sold at craft and jewelry stores.  I’m okay with this.  I like the casual look of it.  I think it makes for a fun necklace.  If you don’t like the look of the ball chain, you can always buy a silver chain and put the charms on it.

Here some alternatives: 
·         The bails are sometimes hard to find and probably the most expensive thing in this project.  An alternative would be to drill a tiny hole in the top of the Scrabble Tile and screw in an eye hook.  You can find eye hooks in the hardware section of Walmart or at any hardware store.  Add a jump ring to string onto your necklace.

·         If you really don’t want to make your own beaded charm, buy one.  It doesn’t have to be beaded.  You can find a variety of charms in the jewelry section of your craft store.  You could add a flower, a butterfly, an airplane or whatever.  Just add a jump ring to it to fit onto your ball chain.